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  1. 0 Hi everyone! I am new to this site! I took the NCLEX-PN a few months ago and failed with 205 questions! When i received my results i had near passing or above passing in everything except safety and infection control. I feel like i rushed through the last part of the exam. I was tired for one and i thought i was doing well bc several people told me that if you had alot of SATA, that meant you were doing good bc those are the higher level questions. I had almost 20 SATA's. Anyway, i am re-taking the NCLEX-PN in less than 2 weeks (13 days). I scheduled at a different site and on a different day of the week I have mainly been using the Exam cram CD and doing the CAT tests. I have been doing well on most of them. I also bought the LaCharity book. I have only read a few chapters so far. On my last test it seemed like every question was prioritization! I was wondering if anyone has any helpful tips or good review info! Thanks everyone for all of your posts i have learned alot from this site. I also learned that i am not alone in this struggle with NCLEX!