nclex passers / takers how do you practice questions? nclex passers / takers how do you practice questions? | allnurses

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nclex passers / takers how do you practice questions?

  1. 0 Hi need some advice on how to practice answering questions, Is it better to do it by the book (writing) or through online or cd that comes with the book??? thanks in advance.
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    My school gave us the NCLEX study guide that came with a disk containing about 4000 questions. I studied those questions daily for several weeks before I took the NCLEX. That worked well for me and I passed the test with 85 questions.
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    get familar with the computer for sure
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    I was blessed to have passed the NCLEX at 85 questions. I studied by testing everyday with Kaplan and NCLEX3000. I definitely recommend going over milestones, labs, math and of course review what you know you need review on (for me it was OB and Peds and sure enough they were the primary topics). Be familiar with SATA and priority questions (they're high level questions). Work hard, take breaks and stop a day or two prior to NCLEX and rest. Wish you all the best of luck!
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    thank you so much for the advice i guess i have to get used to doing questions using the computer.