NCLEX on Sunday..need advice.

  1. Hey everyone!! I take NCLEX-RN on Sunday at 8am but since I don't do any work on Saturday my last study day is officially tomorrow. I've been reviewing my weak areas and lab values today. What do you think I should focus on tomorrow my last study day??
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  3. by   hopefaithlove26
    Just try to a little bit RELAKS coz you STUDY so HARD! have a GOOD SLEEP and REST TOO!! know its HARD heh heh BUT PLEASE TRY to do it! LASTLY PRAY..And dont FORGET TO KEEP up POST HERE! GOODLUCK to YOU!!
  4. by   Ellisjc0507
    Thank you hopefaithlove!! I will be resting on Saturday so do you suggest I do the same tomorrow as well?
  5. by   naptimeRN
    Hi Ellisjc. I would suggest resting. You don't want to go into the test with an overworked, overwhelmed mind. I stopped studying three days before my exam and I am so happy I did. It actually decreased my anxiety (I was feeling overwhelmed trying to cram...which in my opinion doesn't help anyway) and I went into the test feeling rested and prepared.

    Rest your mind and go in there strong! Good luck on Sunday!