nclex in 5 days

  1. hello everyone i am feeling so discouraged my exam is in 5 days couple weeks ago i was so pumped up now the time is near i don't want to study and i seem to be unable to find the time i feel like those who promised to assist me with childcae ha turned their backs at the last minute so last week i did nothing much and now i feel so burnt out do not know what to do. Also there are so many people here who have done it so many times and still haven't passed!
    Furthermore, I didn't even study here! plus not accustomed to multiple choice so who makes me able to i really feel discouraged!
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  3. by   teacher08
    Wishing you all the best. Stay focused. Continue answering multiple choice questions, thoroughly review ALL the correct and incorrect rationales. Memorize lab values. Apply Maslow, ABC's, Nursing process, and SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY! Best wishes and happy holidays.
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  4. by   lady shev
    Thank you! Will do some lab values later and also review maslow happy holidays to you too mine will be spent dreaming about the exam.
  5. by   Nurse2bplease
    I am taking mine on the 27th as well. Scared to death.