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  1. 0 I took my NCLEX-RN exam yesterday. My exam shut off at around 108-110 questions. I had a lot of select allthat apply and ppriority setting questions. That exam was weird. When I left I didn't feel bad. Nor did I feel good. I am dying waiting on my results- I am not doing the trick, either. My fragile self cannot handle it. lol!!!! Anyways, anyone else waiting on results? Praying I passed, if so I can start my new job on Feb 17th. ... if not.... I don't have a job:/
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    I think you'll be a lot more at ease if you do the trick! No pressure - but I can tell you that it's definitely accurate. No need to delay the good news!
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    pull off that bandaid… do the trick.
    Imagine its the good pop up and you just wasted all this time being nervous instead of celebrating…
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    i hope you passed.

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