1. Hey Everyone,
    Sooooo... I took my boards today, on a Saturday. I got 85 questions, many I felt like I had no idea about. Im stressing hardcore and could curl up in a deep dark hole a bawl. I did try the Pearson Vue trick, and I did have to submit payment info. Are we sure this is a relaible source? The forums Ive looked at are years ago.
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  3. by   sirI
    Hello and welcome to

    We moved your thread to the NCLEX forum for a better response.

    Look in this forum for current threads about Pearson Vue. There are many many many current threads.

    Good luck and hope you enjoy
  4. by   cherowil
    I took my PN test today (Saturday, March 23rd) too. I also stopped at 85 questions. I got the good pop up. But even though I think the pop up works the majority of the time, I have seen a few posts where someone gets the credit card page and they passed. So every once in awhile I think that happens. So don't lose hope. You wont know for sure until you get your official results. I hope you passed! Good luck!