NCLEX 3500 or Saunders 5th edition? NCLEX 3500 or Saunders 5th edition? | allnurses

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NCLEX 3500 or Saunders 5th edition?

  1. 0 Between these two resources, which one was more helpful in preparing for the nclex-rn? Thanks.
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    I used both. Saunders for content and NCLEX 3500 for practicing questions. I think they both equally helped me pass. Saunders, PDA, and NCLEX 3500 is all I used and I passed. Also, I did not take a review class.
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    Thanks so much for your input. I really appreciate it. I have finished chapter 1 & 2 for PDA & will start practicing questions with nclex 3500 & congrats on passing!