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  1. 0 When will be the time in 2014 to take the NCLEX? I understand that is 2 times during the year but when? I already started to study because I am supposed to take at the end of this coming spring semester which is my senior. Anybody please ?
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    The NCLEX is offered 5-7 days a week through the year in most of the US. It has been offered continuously for quite a few years now since becoming computerized. Not sure where you got the idea that it's offered only. 2x a year. You must graduate from your nursing program and apply to the board of nursing for licensing by examination. The register at Pearson Vue and pay the $200 NCLEX testing free. Once approved and authorized to test you schedule the NCLEX through Pearson Vue.

    Canada offers their licensing exams 3x a year. The NCLEX is offered continuously except for legal holidays. Many sites offer Saturday, Sunday and evening exams
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    Thanks JustBeachyNurse

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