NCLEX 2013 test plan. Useful books? recomendations?? NCLEX 2013 test plan. Useful books? recomendations?? | allnurses

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NCLEX 2013 test plan. Useful books? recomendations??

  1. 0 I'll be taking my NCLEX around June/July of this year. (graduate in May) Since there is a new NCLEX test plan starting April 1st, I'm wondering if there are resources that you've found geared toward the new test plan. Do you think it's okay to use slightly older books?

    I have the older yellow Saunders book (2010 test plan) but it came out Octoer 2010, which probably means the Saunders book for 2013 wont be published until late this year i.e. no help to me.

    any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    I think you'll be fine. As far as I'm concerned, that's the best book.
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    I have green Saunders & red new saunders, they are same, not much difitents , only on new one the pictures is better, but the test same
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    nclex will still be nclex.. the passing rate is just the one that will gonna change..
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    I have heard that PDA by LaCharity is the best book to use, because the NCLEX is mainly priority questions.