may 26,2009--my lucky day!

  1. i took my nclex-rn exam on may 26,2009...had to drive 16 miles going to the testing center..had 265 questions and took it for 6 hours..but its all worth it..i passed!

    i followed suzannes plan and ncsbn learning ext course...and lots of prayers...

    thanks suzanne for the help!!!
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Congrats, SeattlemabelRN!
  4. by   seattlemabel
    thank you!!
  5. by   Korleone
    congratulations, now find a job
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  8. by   SunshineBSN
    CONGRATS!!!! You are officially an RN!!!!!
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  11. by   seattlemabel
    thanks guys!!