LPN- Saunders Comprehensive Review vs. Exam Cram For The NCLEX

  1. I'm a newly graduated vocational nurse and was wondering if anyone has used either of these books. Which one would you recommend and why?
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  3. by   cyde
    i've used both and found them both very helpful. i especially like the crams mainly because it covers everything you need in a condensed style. 400 - 1000 questions depending on which crams book you use. saunders is great too but just too many questions for me (3200). i basically picked around saunder and went back to crams. i used both crams books and passed nclex the first time. i posted on here about how i approached it. i'll try to find the thread. good luck! ;D
  4. by   DDD_0429
    I also used both. Felt like one book wasn't enough. But I think if i were to choose just one it would be exam cram, pretty good book with questions and rationales.