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Lpn NCLEX -.-

  1. 0 What's a good study source for the nclex pn? Been researching learningext, ati and kaplan... Not sure i hurst review has one for the lpn! Anyone know of any websites that has a good pretest so I can know my weaknesses? Can't seem to figure out where to start studying
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    I just took my PN test on Saturday and passed. I used Kaplan, cram exam, Lacharity, and NCLEX 3000... thats what worked for me. I bought a couple of the books and the others I checked out from the library. Much cheaper that way Good luck!
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    Which form for Kaplan? Isn't there a few courses you can choose from? Okay I'll def look into those as well thank u so much for ur time and congratulation for passing :-) that's awesome!
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    I did the kaplan focused review questions and the qbank. I'm lucky though because my school pays for it... and I used the cds in the kaplan books I checked out from the library. Good luck!!!