Looking for a study partner for nclex-RN in mckinney Texas

  1. I am an international nurse (UK) and i am looking for a study partner in the mckinney, TX area. Any one interested in getting together to study for the nclex-RN let me know.
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  3. by   chikah_dorah
    hi, are you near houston, TX? im also preparing for my nclex exam
  4. by   Swratjt
    Sadly I am near Dallas not Houston, but thanks for replying and good luck.
  5. by   fusionfire32
    hey swratjt,
    i am from UK too and I am also preparing for my NCLEX exam. I have found it hardgoing so far on my own and it would be great if we can help each other. i am currently living in the UK. sorry i do realise that you mentioned that you want someone in your area, but if you are interested, please pm me. thanks