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Kaplan vs NCLEX RN

  1. 0 Hello nurses, soon-to-be-nurses, and students. I have recently taken the Kaplan course live and have been doing the Qbank questions. I was just wondering, how similar are the Kaplan Qbank questions to the NCLEX? Lately I have been doing really well on the questions (between 65%-80%) and, although I am happy with this, I am worried that I am just getting used to the Kaplan questions. Currently I am 90% done with the Qbank and I am at 65% cumulative percentage (scored 66% on diagnostic and 64% on readiness before starting the Qbank). The only other thing I have tried is the NCLEX 3500 pretest and I got a 68% on that (not sure if that is good or not).

    Thanks for the feedback and congrats to those who have passed their NCLEX recently.
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    I think you're ready to test! Have you taken qtrainer 7?
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    Ya I have taken all of the Qtrainers. They weren't stellar but I took those before I started doing the Qbank and I feel like if I took them after the Qbank I would have rocked their world. My scores were:

    Diagnostic = 66%
    Q1 = 52% (tried to take this after a full day of Kaplan live, exhausted, bad idea)
    Q2 = 59%
    Q3 = 63%
    Q4 = 53%
    Q5 = 59%
    Q6 = 66%
    Q7 = 58%
    Readiness = 64%