Kaplan or HURST?

  1. I have been trying to prepare for the NCLEX and was wondering if anyone has taken HURST or KAPLAN classes to prepare for the NCLEX. These classes are expensive but are they worth the time and money?
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  3. by   DMVRN
    My university made us take a 3 day 9am-5pm Hurst review class, with the online review as well. I think it was beneficial to get your CORE knowledge down. Don't know about price though. I think Kaplan is more about testing strategies, I haven't tried it personally though.
  4. by   zeus&lincoln
    I completed the Hurst review and took the q-trainers from Kaplan that are circulating on the internet. I felt that if I understood the core content, I would be better able to answer the questions. This strategy worked for me as I passed NCLEX, the first time in 75 questions. Many of my classmates took Kaplan and also passed boards in 75 on their first try. It is purely a matter of preference. Many people would advocate for doing a zillion questions-- while I did all of the Kaplan q-trainers and Hurst q-bank questions, I didn't do a ton of questions (less than 2,000)... The key is understanding your strengths and weaknesses so that you spend time reviewing your weaknesses and don't waste time studying things you know!