Kaplan is offering a free online test tonight

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    I haven't done one of these before, but it's certainly worth a shot and it's FREE:http://www.kaptest.com/class/NKUA312...EX_TUFF_031413

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    There good I did it a few weeks ago, its 50 questions to see where your at your supposed to be at least at a 65 score.. I feel I was fine with 64, then you have a brake down of the different areas and your scores for them!!!! It's free you guys should try it
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    Can international students access this online test as well.
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    Quote from rnunic1
    Can international students access this online test as well.
    Everybody can as long as you have internet. Just sign up.
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    But I tried signing up and I was not allowed to do so. Said something about page not found. I had an account with Kaplan before and was not able to sign up with that old account. just saying. Thanks though.
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    I did the practice test and got 62%.

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