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  1. 0 Hello y'all;
    Preparing for the Nclex and was wondering if anyone successful Nclex candidate has or used the Kaplan Nclex book 2011-2012 and is willing and kind to lend me this book. After graduation, i could barely afford to pay my bills. I will have this book returned after using it or can buy it if it's too expensive!
    Pls help a sister in need!, so i can get a job!!!

    Thanks in advance.
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    You can check it out at the library.
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    You mean, kaplan strategies -nd practice test 2011-2012?
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    The library doesn't haven't it, public library or your schools library, I got it from there....
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    Yes, the disk is in the back, with more questions. If your local library does not have it in, then have them get it from another branch for you. If all copies are checked out, then put a hold on it so it cannot be renewed by whoever has it.
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    just pray for me to pass my exam . I will give you to keep it my exam on march 9. but if you are living in CALIFORNIA.