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just took nclex

  1. 1 Just took nclex, had 85 questions, and got the good pop up! I really hope this works. I was praying the whole time
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    did you have many sata? how about pharm questions and math questions were there many? OOOPPPS and Congrats
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    Congrats!!! The trick does work!
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    It seems to be very accurate I've never read or heard that it fails. How was your test and where did you test?
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    Congratulations, RN!
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    God is great! I failed nclex yesterday !
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    I just took mine today too and got the good pop-up!!! Yay!!

    Congrats jlcain08!!

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    I tested in Dallas, Tx.. congrats to you too!
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    Beelady.. are you sure you failed? If so there is always next time and I will keep you in prayer!!
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    CONGRATS! and good luck to your career!
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    Congrats jay...all the best,in your career