Just took NCLEX-PN!

  1. So, I took my NCLEX this morning!! I just graduated on the 6th, and was released to test yesterday lol. I had more than 3/4 SATA questions on the exam, my test shut off at 85, I got my last question wrong, and I got the "good pop up". Now you know as much as I do! I can get my unofficial results Thursday, but if I passed my license should show up on my BON's website that day!
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  3. by   five10fevr
    Congrats!!! you didnt waste anytime waiting to take the NCLEX. Did you feel prepared?
  4. by   begosh
  5. by   ErinN03
    Thanks!! I did feel ready (we'll see how far that got me tomorrow, lol). I spent the last nine months reading, studying, and taking tests. I just wanted to get it over with!