Just took my nclex RN!! Good pop up, Is this real?? | allnurses

Just took my nclex RN!! Good pop up, Is this real??

  1. 0 Hello everyone,
    I just completed my RN exam completing the whole 265q (no surprise because I didn't study at all). As soon as I got home I checked pearson vue, delivery successful, GOOD POP UP. Is there any way this could be wrong? Ive checked over 50x. Same results.
    Thanking God in Advance.
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    Congrats!!! RN
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    I pray im not saying this prematurely but THX!!!!!
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    I hope it's real because I did mine today also and got the good pop up
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    hey now I got 265 questions too, but I studied my butt off! the amount of questions doesn't matter anyways. congrats!
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    I prayed for 265q. I felt the more questions the better chance I have to pass. As long as that computer was still giving me questions I knew I still had a chance.

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    CONGRATULATIONS....It is real coz I did mine as soon as I completed my test and got good popup..and two days after I found my licence no. on bon....
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    I did the quick results and I passed!!! Im so exited. Thx everyone.