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  1. I passed, I'm on the BON and I paid for quick results, it's true the PVT works!!!
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  3. by   blessedBSNRN
    What time did you take your exam? and when?
  4. by   Truthhall
    Wednesday at 8am
  5. by   DollFace24
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  7. by   Truthhall
    Thank you!
  8. by   Meimpress
    Congratulations RN :-) I did PVT too and it did not let me to re-register by showing the "white" box and yes we passed :-) I saw my name on the BON website first before even receiving a letter from pearson vue.
  9. by   prettymica
    Yes it works and congrats !!
  10. by   Truthhall
    Thanks ladies!!!