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ipad nclex questions?

  1. 0 hi!! i'm scheduled to take my nclex march 19th and will taking a long flight in a few days. i'd like to

    a) download a good practice questions app for my ipad
    b) print out some good questions (saunders??)

    does anyone have any suggestions?

    i'm currently using kaplan, which i love, but they don't have anything really good for the ipad!

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    you can just type in "NCLEX" in the search box and you'll get a good amount of free material.

    Saunders has a free lite version in iTunes, I think it has 50 free practice questions...but better then nothing

    Theres also a few apps to download from Lippincott....There's NCLEX Q&A, Pathophysiology, Fundamentals, Med Surg etc. They have alot of practice questions in each of those apps. Give it a try!
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