I take the NCLEX on Feb 11th and need advice if Im ready

  1. 0 I have been through the Kaplan course classroom and have been reviewing and doing questions every day for a month. my Kaplan scores are as follows:

    Diagnostic test=64%
    Qt 1= 55%
    Qt 2= 65%
    Qt 3= 58%
    Qt 4= 67%
    Qt 5= 59%
    Qt 6= 62%
    Qt 7= 65%
    Readiness test= 63%
    So far I have gone through 45% of the qbank questions with 67% as my over all score
    I plan on reviewing for rest of my time, but do you guys think Im ready or need more time
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    Hey blkbusa13 I think you are ready. Your scores are good. As long as you are scoring in the 60's you are well on your way. I'm also using kaplan. I have completed the qbank with avg 60% my kaplan scores: Diagnostic 54% qt1 60% qt2. 54% qt3. 44% qt4. 54% qt5. 50% qt6. 67% (this was the easiest) qt7. 63% Readiness 66% NCLEXSample 1. 58% NCLEXSample 2. 52% NCLEXSample 3. 76%...my scores are all over the place im up down up down just like a rollercoaster like my emotions right now I don't think I'm prepared at all.

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