I passed my NCLEX PN exam!! I passed my NCLEX PN exam!! | allnurses

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I passed my NCLEX PN exam!!

  1. 0 Took my test on Saturday and found out this morning I passed, the computer shut off at 85 questions and it took me less than hour to test. I studied so hard, doing about 5,000 NCLEX questions in total.

    It has been a dream my entire life to be a nurse and now today at 46 years of age, I have made it! I think I'm still in shock a little bit!

    This website has helped me through nursing school and also with lots of tips on the NCLEX, thank you allnurses.com!
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    Congratulations!!!! I'm looking forward to be in your shoes too.
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    That's awesome u take mine in about a month :-)
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    Congrats and Goodluck to your new journey!!
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    Congrats :-) what did u used for study material?