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I Passed

  1. 5 I just found out Officially I Passed...and yes the trick works but I wanted to find out officially so I did pay the $7.95..it was well worth it for peace of mind...
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    Congrats!!! I just found I did too!!
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    CONGRATULATION!!! I am still waiting for my official results! Hopefully tomorrow but probably Monday!
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    Quote from cmsorra
    i just found out officially i passed...and yes the trick works but i wanted to find out officially so i did pay the $7.95..it was well worth it for peace of mind...
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    Congrats.. Just have questions how many choices of answers you pick for Sata questions..
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    hi everyone I'm new here.and I'm going to take the NCLEX-RN tom.hoping and praying to pass and so that I can work here officially as an RN.i need your prayers..thank you so much!!
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    kjrhardy, i have added you to the prayer list! good luck and let us know how it goes tomorrow.