I need help to pass ATI comprehensive?

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    I have to take ATI-comprehensive-RN exam next week. I am so scared because I have to make 75% to pass and graduate! I started to look at all ATI books and realize it's too much to read. I am thinking baout just doing practice questions. Can anyone tell me what proportion they have? for example (med-surg 50%, ped 30%..?). I donno where to focus on. Please tell me how you prepared for it. School gave us 2 practce exam and I did not scored very good. Pls help me!!Can anyone send me your assessment report that has topics to review ? I would like to the proportion of the exam. Thank ya soo much!
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    Of course, you are aware that you should have started your study for this important exam long ago. You need to get yourself in gear. I assume this is not a test that you can postpone.
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    I am just curious,what is this ATI exam? Like me going to take an NCLEX, can we also take this? and how?
    Thanks, for any idea.
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    There's just way too much to study. I would continue doing practice tests, and if you ever failed any (peds, mental health etc.) I would re-do those practice exams. Study the information that is your weak area. You don't want to over-exert your self. Remember, you have already learned everything that will be tested. A 75% on the ATI compredictor is not unthinkable. With that in mind....Good Luck, I'm sure you will do well. btw I took the test at the end of January and only did the practice exams and scored a 97%. Every person in my class passed (35 people, all above 90%). So it is achievable
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    Hi, Acestudent21

    Thanks for your advice! I will just do the practice questions. Can you please send me your topcs to review to my mail? I really want to look at it before I take one. I really appreciate! Thanks
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    I wont be able to do that. For one, I graduated in March and do not remember my password. Second, it would probably not benefit you. The areas that I missed might not be your weak points. Besides that would let you know the exact content on the exam which definitely would not benefit you. Once you have to take boards you will not have an outline of specific content. That exam is different for every single person, so no one will be able to share content with you. I know you are concerned you might not pass, but have some faith in your self. You have made it this far. Good Luck with the rest of your studies!

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