I just got my CPR need advise on what to do next?

  1. I got 3 below the level 1) management of care2) health promotion3) reduction risk of potential The rest were near to the passing standard. And 1 above the passing the standard ( physiological adaptation)Anyo advise what to do next?I really want to pass my second test in the next 45daysI am using lippincotte q&a, Kaplan book and q&a, Saunders q&a, ncsbn, nclex 4000 q&a
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  3. by   SugarSugar15
    I haven't taken it yet... But how about narrowing it down to just one book? Like Kaplan or Saunders and really focusing on which ever you choose. Don't overwhelm yourself!! I started out with a ton of books and now I'm ONLY using Kaplan. I'm doing 150 QBank questions a day (going over rationales) and going over some content with the book... Good luck and I know you got this next time..!
  4. by   serenitylove14
    So I just took mine today and got the good pop up so I am assuming I passed. Honestly what I think that helped me more than anything else was doing a bunch of questions and my hurst review book. Alot of the questions I got were similar if not somewhat identical to some that I had done before. Good luck!!