I have my NCLEX-RN scheduled early January. I have my NCLEX-RN scheduled early January. | allnurses

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I have my NCLEX-RN scheduled early January.

  1. 0 Any advice for me? Thank you to those who will reply.
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    Moved to the NCLEX forum
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    hi I scheduled my nclex date on the 6th of January..

    >Saunder's 5th ed.. the cd that comes with it is very helpful for tidbit information
    >Prioritization, Delegation and Assignment by Linda Lacharity-a good delegation book
    >Kaplan- I highly recommend the Qbank helped me in critical thinking.. take care
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    Just keep doing practice questions.. dont mind how many you got correct, whats important is how much you absorbed.. goodluck!
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    I have mine scheduled on 27th JAnuary. 3rd attempt