i felt like my nclex pn was easy stopped at 85

  1. I took my nclex pn yesterday.
    Im a new grad! Graduated last June. i passed my hesi exit my score was 1053. My score on hurst was 72/82/85.
    I studied so hard. Did 100 questions a day with saunders.

    I felt that my questions were easy on nclex. i got 40 select all that apply. My computer shut off at 85. I didnt get any drag and drop question.
    my classmate who was top 1 in our class said it was harder than hesi.. now im worried why i felt that my nclex was so easy.

    My instructor did the pearson vue trick & i got a good pop up, my instructor checked for me an hour later after i took my test.
    And i checked today which is about 30 hours after my nclex.and still a good pop up.

    Is there a chance i passed? Is the vue trick accurate in 2017
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  3. by   lpn.hopeful
    Idk about the Pearson vue pop up trick but I went on my BON website and typed my name the next day and my name and license number popped up that's how I knew I passed.
    But congrats! I just took my NCLEX PN as well and passed with almost 100 questions and I didn't really study too well and I think it was easy too