I failed on first try,going for my last try.. pls help

  1. I failed my first try on 2/15 with 200 Qs and time expired, I had 30 meds,SATA and alot from all over the place..pls help me which book is Nclex type for questions and content..thanks for your post and pray for me..
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  3. by   BouBou
    Sorry, to hear about your difficulties. It would be helpful if you listed what you used to study. I am using Saunders for content review, attended Kaplan through my school and have QT and Qbank, NCLEX 3500 for SATA, and PDA for priority and delegation. I complete 100 Saunders, 50 Kaplan, and 10 SATA/NCLEX 3500 a day. I do 1 QT a week. Currently, I my scores are on an upward trend.
  4. by   Georgia peach RN
    I took the NCLEX RN last July, I took a sylvia rayfield review course, used the books provided in the course to study, also used a Hurst review book, LaCharity Prioritization, delegation & Assignment, The CD NCLEX 3500, I answered review questions every day. if I found a question that brought up anything that I felt I needed review I reviewed the disease process or medication using my text books.

    I know that is really broad but I really felt the review class helped me to put things into prospective.
  5. by   grammee
    I agree with the other poster - it would be helpful to know what you used to study with for your first attempt.

    There is so much out there that it is confusing. In the research I've been doing, there are 2 ways to approach it. Kaplan's focus is on how to take the test. Hurst's focus is on understanding the content so that you are comfortable taking the test. Lippincott and Hurst both boast of over 98% pass rates on their web sites. I have been to websites for all of them I suggest you go to them as well. Read the student brochures.

    The Hurst site has a sample lecture that is really sound bites from several lectures. They are less costly than Kaplan and has your choice of attending a live lecture course or doing an online-only review. You have to use a book and fill-in the blanks as you listen to the lecture - which is particularly helpful of you are a kinesthetic learner. (The book is provided in the live course and you have to print it out for the online-only course.) I learn best by listening, so Hurst is my first choice. They have a detailed plan & expect at least 30 hours of lecture/study time.

    If you learn best by reading, one of the other review programs may be best for you. The nursing school I am in uses ATI for NCLEX prep. All of the remediation material is really just online textbook pages (they are printable). Most of the students elect to take another prep course that they pay for themselves.

    NCLEX is adaptive computer testing - using your mistakes to select the next question. NONE of the NCLEX prep courses are adaptive. They all have questions designed to evaluate your critical thinking abilities and knowledge of pathophysiology in the smae question. If you passed nursing school, you can pass NCLEX.

    Best wishes!
  6. by   Kizzmukk
    I used hurst review book,Saunders 5th, the PDA and I did about 100 question/day on 3500..I had nothing from hurst covered material..I do not know which way to go..thanks