Hurst vs. Kaplan NCLEX review

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    Hi fellow nursing students I was wondering if anyone has opinions on which review company is better for NCLEX? I graduate in December 2013 and I am looking into doing either Kaplan or Hurst. I know they are expensive but I feel like it will be nice to have a structured study program to follow rather than relieing on a couple of NCLEX books. I would appreciate any suggestions you might have!

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    What do you feel you need to study?

    Content = Hurst

    Test taking stratagies = Kaplan

    I was successful with kaplan. 85 questions on NCLEX-RN done in an hour. Passed 1st try.

    Good Luck!

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    Thanks for the info! I decided that I needed a review on content to feel confident. So I just signed up for Hurst and am hoping to take my NCLEX next month!
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    I used hurst, then bought the $20 kaplan book for strategy. Worked awesome. Passed first try, little over an hour with 75 questions!!

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