Hurst online review VS Kaplan qbank

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    Hi Guys,

    Im not sure if I should do hurst online or kaplan qbank. (can only do 1)

    I have been reading saunders and some review notes im not sure if hurst will still be beneficial or just apply for Kaplan qbank to practice review questions. I have also been reading La Charity's PDA.

    What are your thoughts? Im planning to take the nclex on Feb.

    Thank you!
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    I am doing both. In my personal opinion I feel Hurst is really helping me understand the diseases and information.

    Qbank i just use for questions. Hurst review also has questions but I dont want to do them until I finish watching all video lectures and study the hurt material.
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    In my openion, we should do both, along with Sauder's and PDA.

    I finished all of the above.
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