How long do I have to submit my NCLEX- PN application?

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    How long do I have to submit my NCLEX- PN application? I graduated about 2 years ago and had a few hardships in my life which prevented me into going to take the test right away. I've never sent my application before and I just started attending refreshment courses and the DON at my school suggested I call the board to see if I qualify. Its almost impossible to get through so I was wondering if anyone knew?

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    Check your state BON website.
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    the website does not say any deadlines,.... I finally got through via phn. so I shall update soon
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    hey i im in the same boat i graduated about two years ago also would like to hear if your still able to test
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    each state will have their own requirements on how long after graduation you have to sit NCLEX. Some are a couple of years and others do not have anything

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