How long do I have to wait for the ATT (Authorization to Test) email from pearson vue

  1. I submitted all of my documentation, paid my nclex $200 fee, passed a jurisprudense exam (required by texas). Last week I took my fingerprints and the BON has all of my information now. How long should I expect to wait for the ATT email?
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  3. by   joyfullpn
    I think it took a week for me to get it then my test date was a week after that.
  4. by   NursingBro
    I am super nervous. They received my finger print and criminal history on 10/10/2012. I have a clean record because I have never been arrested.

    Hopefully I get the ATT tomorrow since it will be one week after they have all of the required documentation. I just want to choose my NCLEX date so that I can feel better.
  5. by   Cyndibelle
    I am in Ohio...Graduated Aug 24th and i am STILL waiting!!
  6. by   CCLegnon
    Hi NursingBro!

    I was in your situation before.It took 4 weeks for me to received my ATT after they have all my required documents I have taken the Jurisprudence too.Hang on there,if you haven't received in a month that's the time you will call Pearson Vue and follow-up.

    I scheduled mine next month. Goodluck