how long did it take between when you got your ATT and NCLEX

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    How long did it take you to study? How long did you have to wait between when you got your ATT and when you take NCLEX?
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    My daughter graduated with BSN May 10 and still doesn't have a testing date yet. That's over a month. She's already been offered a job at a wonderful hospital but can't do a thing until she at least has a testing date.
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    i just got my ATT today and my testing date isnt for another 3 weeks. they are all booked here. hope you have better luck in your city.
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    Got my ATT on may 31..took nclex June 8
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    I'm in IL. Graduated 5/18, received ATT 6/11, test 7/2 (earliest day available in my town when I registered). Hers will come...may just have to be patient!
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    Graduated Dec, received ATT end of Jan, tested the first week of Feb..
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    I'm in VA. Graduated May 11. Received ATT May 31. NCLEX June 6!

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