How do I check the IL BON website to see if my license number is there?

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    Hi I saw people writing on here and talking about how they check the board of nursing website and are able to see that their license # is posted..

    I'm just so anxious to know my results.. I got the good pop up when I did the pearson review trick.. but see my name up there on the board of nursing website would definitely be more concrete results. Waiting two business days is hardddd...

    I live in IL.. can someone help me with how to check the website online?? Thanks!

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    Usually you just look for license verification on the state website
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    Ok I'll see what I can do.. thank yoU!
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    The instructions on how to verify a license, including your new license, should be clear on the license verification link. Usually involves inputting parts of the person's name, location, or license number (if known). Good luck with your official results.

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