How big is the difference for NCLEX RN starting April 2013?

  1. 0 Im trying to take my licensure exam here in NY. Received my ATT Jan. and scheduled my exam by April. Then i found out that they will have the exam revised by April 2013 (every 3 years). Now, Im worried if it makes a difference of what i have studied and what questions i will get when i take it by April. I can be ready in a month so its okay for me to take it by the end of March.. Im just worried because they said passing standards will increase and exam is a bit tougher...

    Any advice will be highly appreciated.
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    The exam will not necessarily be harder. They are raising the passing line. I picture a grid with an x and y axis. So on the y axis instead of being at -.16 the passing line is now at zero.
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