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How accurate is the pvt?

  1. 0 Hi everyone! Does anyone here tried the pvt but went to cc page but eventually passed the nclex? Thanks.
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    I just took the nclex yesterday and its stopping me from going to the cc page but dont know yet if its real
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    there have been reports of false negatives (people getting to the cc page but finding out they actually passed) but I have not ever heard of a false positive (getting the pop-up but failed) just make sure the status is marked as "delivery successful".
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    I dont know anyone who did this test that have got false neg or pos. it has been accurate. A friend of mine who took NCLEX during the summer did the PVT and it let her thru to the cc page. and within 3 days she recieved a letter she failed. A classmate of mine took her NCLEX the same day as me (the 15th). we both did the PVT on that day and i got the good pop up, she got thru to the cc page. Today she received her letter that she failed! I have received nothing... So for me, its accurate! Good luck!