Hopeful That The 3rd Time Will Be A Charm

  1. 0 so a little background graduated 2 yrs ago from a two yr lpn program was on the deans list for academic performance also president of my class absolutely love nursing ..... since graduating in 2009 (2 yrs ago ) i have taken my nclex pn exam twice and failed i am so frustrated that it has been six months since my last attempt at this and i am so frustrated that i was a star student and the only thing standing between me and my dream is an exam please help i just need a little encouragement.
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    Hey, you know the drill already. Keep trying until you pass. Don't waste time lamenting over it, the NCLEX stumps even the best. So, it takes you a little longer, as long as you get what you want in the end. Six months wasted. Now get going.
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    So happy to inform everyone that the third time was a charm i passssssssssed im now officially an lpn........... I passed on december 5,2011 ...........
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    Can you share some of your study tips with us?
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    I studied from the pearson vue nclex guide and i practiced countless nclex questions ............
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