Has anyone that's taken the Nclex used ReadyToPass???

  1. Has anyone that's taken the Nclex used ReadyToPass??? - Image ID: 12395
  2. 0 I got the ready to pass book today and I don't know if it's because I've completed so many questions but I promise I saw some of these questions when I sat the first time for my boards??? Did anyone else feel this way ??
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    Someone on this site recently used Ready to Pass and she raved about how wonderful it was. You can probably search and find her post.
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    Hi! I am interested in getting one. How's the book? Is it a q and a?
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    Great books those two ladies know the stuff
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    I went to the ready to pass class before my LPN boards loved them, I will use them when I take the RN boards
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    Where do I find this book?
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    Ready to pass is on face book there number is on the cite u can call them

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