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hi everyone! i took my nclex this morning and i got the good popup. i will feel completely relieved once i have my name on the bon website, but this is promising. it shut off after 75 Q and i was... Read More

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    I have to say that if anyone needs help with studying for the nclex, Hurst review online saved me (I did not get much out of Saunders or NSCBN review)... I always had a hard time with nursing exams and Hurst was not only entertaining but sooo helpful. I'm sending them a card. I failed the first time with 80 questions and only about 4 SATA.... this time 76 questions with about 25 SATA.... I'm so happy i could cry bc i thought i was about to give up. Everyone keep your heads up, when people say you can pass- it really is true!
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    Good pop up works!! I passed! Took NCLEX-PN Thursday Jan 3 quick results posted this morning exactly 48 hours later.....again I passed! Woohoo!!
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    Congratulations! I take mine in one week. All I have been doing is Kaplan questions... I think I have 200 Q banks questions left. I'm almost to the point where I wish I scheduled it earlier. Yesterday I was rockin out in the 70s on Qbank, which is definitely a confidence booster! Thanks for the positive energy!
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    Man the waiting is killing me. I did the PVT and got the "good pop up" but I wished my quick results where available to today to confirm!!!!
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    you can do it!!!! Good luck!!!
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    Quote from Maria L, BSN
    Congratulations and thank you so much for the insight and advice! For the Select All That Apply would you say some of them were doable or were they all a shot in the dark so to speak? I have found that many of the Saunders SATA are reasonable but I'm worried the NCLEX will be much worse.
    maria- this was the pattern for me on all of them pretty much. could definitely eliminate 2, knew 2 were definites, and there was always 1 i was iffy on. maybe, maybe not. so i never felt confident about really any of the SATA but i survived.
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    Thank you for the info, I hope I survive too!
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    Congrats Pugmom!!!! That's so great to hear! Our school was all about ATI! That gives me hope...and I'm studying Hurst and Saunders. Take mine on 01/28 in San Antonio, Tx. Wish me luck!

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