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Finally passed my nclex pn!!!!!

  1. 0 I took my exam on Wednesday, got my results today, I was super excited when saw PASS this time. This is one of the best days of my life, all of the hard work, no sleep, and tears paid off.
    I decided to stick to one book this time, and it worked!!!!
    SOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!
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    Congrats! Go out and celebrate!! I am taking my 3/4 NCLEX-Rn !
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    What book did you use?
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    @nalaa83, Thank you, im about too go celebrate, and good luck to u.
    @ cherribonbon, at first I was all over the place with books, I have Saunders, Hurst, Lippincot, and exam cram.
    I was told to pay for the ATI review, but after awhile i felt like i should just focus on using exam cram since it is by just made sense to me. I made sure to memorize the cheat sheet thats on the inside front cover of the book, and it helped out a lot.
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    Was ATI helpful?
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    @ashmo12, I was told to purchase ATI but I never did. I focused more on Exam Cram the second time around.
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    Thank you

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