Feedback please - Hurst / Kaplan results so far

  1. Hello all and to start off - good luck to everyone on their NCLEX journey!

    I have mine scheduled for June 5 and from the moment I clicked the accept button for my date, I have been a nervous wreck. Honestly, I graduated in the beginning of May and for 2 weeks, didn't really study. I had a Kaplan review after I graduated and am doing the Hurst review online. So since I scheduled my date, I finished the Hurst review lectures (still have to listen to Peds/Maternity/Management though) and just took my first Hurst QReview. Listed below are my various scores and stuff:

    * My diagnostic Kaplan was done prior to graduation so I am not including it in my post graduation study results!

    Kaplan Assessment: 73.9%
    Kaplan QBank: 54% (we have been taking it all year so this is not reflection of this month)
    Hurst QReview: 75.8%

    So my question is, I know the recommendations for Kaplan, particularly when it comes to the Assessment test, however I do not know if my QReview result is considered decent or not? Obviously I will spend the remainder of my time brushing up on weak content areas and testing strategies!

    Thank you all in advance for your feedback!