Failed the hesi test but passed nclex Failed the hesi test but passed nclex | allnurses

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Failed the hesi test but passed nclex

  1. 1 I stressed over failing the hesi exit exam for a long time and I looked on here for information but I want to let anyone know that is stressing over their hesi scores that you can still pass the nclex. I got a 830 on the hesi test and I passed the nclex on with 85 questions on the first try. I did take the hurst review.
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    The standard for passing NCLEX is much lower than the standards established for passing the HESI exit exam. A test taker would only need to get 50 percent of the higher level questions correct in order to pass NCLEX.
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    Thanks for posting. I only got and 865 and I'm very disappointed and discouraged. I made some dumb mistakes. Last week I got a 94% on the Ped's Hesi and this week I fail the exit hesi. Your post give me a little boost of encouragement! thank you