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    my nclex rn exam in 6 wks, is exam cram ebook 3rd edition helpful for me?
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    I like it for questions, similar to nclex questions, content is straight and to the point but if you need content, I would use saunders along with exam cram.
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    i think saunders best for content .....
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    thanks for answer my question,i have saunders Q and A review 4th edition book,can i use this book for content?
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    I have an exam cram book but honestly i never touched it ..but i heard its good only if you are good at your content and just need to brush up your content..but if you are an international student i am assuming you are then you would definitely need a good review book like Saunders ..exam cram doesn't have all the info you need to know so grab a comprehensive review book but if you are confident with you content then exam cram could be a safe option GOOD LUCK
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    And yes saunders 4th edition is pretty good..That's the book i am using right now
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