Erickson theory

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    I'll be taking the nclex soon. I was wondering if anybody got questions on erickson's theory. I graduated near the top of my class, but I always seem to get the theory questions wrong!!!

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    I think we are not allowed to reveal or talk about what was actually asked on the NCLEX, but I can tell you that it's important to know your core content as the NCLEX can throw anything at you.
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    I just took ATI review they said that they Ericsons use in alternative format there
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    I know my core content, I also took ati and had some Ericson questions on it. I also took hurst which is all core content and they didn't even mention it. So I was a little confused.
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    For Erikson theory I found it easiest to learn by printing out a chart that compares the stages of development. As far as the age milestones go, CDC has an immunization schedule from birth to 6yrs of age with the developmental milestones on it.
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    They don't do much on immunization because CDC keep changing the rules on them

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