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hello everyone, can someone give me information on drugs and their antidotes? i have a few but would like to know the most used drugs in hospital or common in nclex i might see or need to be aware of. i'm about to take my... Read More

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    Well, I plan to test on the 16th of July. But I bought 5 weeks of NCBSN learningext review. So far so good. It's a nice review, their questions are hard though..makes me think. Which I hope will help me in the end.

    Same here, my problem is content too! Some things you just can't know without actually having the knowledge base..I don't even know anymore. I might change my date if I don't feel ready at the end of this remaining period. I'm trying to just stick to one or two books, I feel so overwhelmed with thousands of books...It's insane indeed!
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    Quote from illcleff


    narcotic narcan
    magnesium sulfate calcium gluconate
    benzodiazepine flumazenil
    heparin protamine sulfate
    coumadin vit k
    potassium insulin + dextrose
    digoxin digibind
    lead poisoning edta
    tylenol mucomyst
    malignant hyperthermia sodium bicarbonate (iv dantrium)
    carbon monoxide hyperbaric oxygen therapy
    iron toxicity desferal
    i believe the antidote/treatment for malignant hyperthermia is iv dantrium ([color=#1122cc]dantrolene sodium - the specific treatment for malignant ) and iv sodium bicarb is common for salicylate poisoning.
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    Thank you.

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