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hello everyone, can someone give me information on drugs and their antidotes? i have a few but would like to know the most used drugs in hospital or common in nclex i might see or need to be aware... Read More

  1. by   leanjess
    I'm not very confident as I have forgotten some information about various nursing school topics. I feel like I need to see all those info again. So i use Saunders 5th edition to look over most topics, esp. Peds, OB and Pharm
  2. by   Assess&Safety1st
    hi leanjess,

    i am doing exam cram pn and i start with 205 questions at a time first since that's what i will do or less on nclex.
    the answers i don't understand or get wrong i write it down if its drugs or diet or a word i didn't know or forgot the meaning.
    yes, i do write down information down and study it later before bedtime. i've been studying like crazy for hours and doing cd of exam cram plus saundars....i am starting to get headaches from all the pressure and stress. plus my daughter is home from summer school so its stressful to balance time with her age 6 and studying plus hubby. god please help me pass nclex-pn~
  3. by   JollyMom
    You should know about salycylate poisioning too.
  4. by   leanjess
    Tell me about it: I started having some heart palpitations or whatever bcos of thinking too much about NCLEX! I'm just trying my humanly best..sometimes my body and brain are just too wasted to retain anything. But after taking a rest, I feel so guilty for wasting time on that instead of reading! Oh! I wish NCBSN knew the problems they make ex-nursing students pass thru..all in the name of Boards! I'm pretty sure I'm already pre-hypertensive from all this stress and worry!
  5. by   Assess&Safety1st
    i think my problem is contents honestly. i'm reading saundars and i like the content how its is broken down for me....how is the ncbsn learningext review? i plan to do that in july. how many weeks did you do with learningext review?
  6. by   Assess&Safety1st
    jollymom, can you tell me about salycylate poisoning, please?
  7. by   Assess&Safety1st
    me, too, i thought i was having chest pain because of the studying and balance of life. so many books, cds, reviews its insane
  8. by   leanjess
    Well, I plan to test on the 16th of July. But I bought 5 weeks of NCBSN learningext review. So far so good. It's a nice review, their questions are hard though..makes me think. Which I hope will help me in the end.

    Same here, my problem is content too! Some things you just can't know without actually having the knowledge base..I don't even know anymore. I might change my date if I don't feel ready at the end of this remaining period. I'm trying to just stick to one or two books, I feel so overwhelmed with thousands of books...It's insane indeed!
  9. by   Esme12
    Quote from illcleff


    narcotic narcan
    magnesium sulfate calcium gluconate
    benzodiazepine flumazenil
    heparin protamine sulfate
    coumadin vit k
    potassium insulin + dextrose
    digoxin digibind
    lead poisoning edta
    tylenol mucomyst
    malignant hyperthermia sodium bicarbonate (iv dantrium)
    carbon monoxide hyperbaric oxygen therapy
    iron toxicity desferal
    i believe the antidote/treatment for malignant hyperthermia is iv dantrium ([color=#1122cc]dantrolene sodium - the specific treatment for malignant ) and iv sodium bicarb is common for salicylate poisoning.
  10. by   Assess&Safety1st
    Thank you.