discouraged; i think i failed my nclex, i got the cc page on pvt | allnurses

discouraged; i think i failed my nclex, i got the cc page on pvt

  1. 0 So i just took my nclex-pn oct 6, 2012, i tried that stupid trick on the pearson vue website, i call it stupid because it seems so accurate, according to pvt i failed i went up to 205 questions its my first attempt, i feel awful ......i worked hard, i feel so dumb, i wish that when i do receive my results a miracle happens and their is a big PASSED! notice and the pearson vue trick fails for me.... ughh but i doubt it...
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    Ohhh I'm so sorry about that. Let's hope that there will be miracle. If not, you can always take that test again.

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    yes i am starting to study again
    we will see how long it takes me lol...
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    What "trick"? I haven't taken my boards yet and I heard there is a way to know right after you take it but I don't know what that is.
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    did u ever found out if you passed or not

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