Continental testing fees ( nclex rn)

  1. 0 I am an international nurse.i wrote NCLEX RN twice, but failed...i am writing the NCLEX for illinois BON. Both times i paid 200$ for pearson vue and 91$ for continental testing....Now i am going to write again for the 3rd time,can i pay each time $91...but in NY &some other states the continental fees will be on the first time only &rest of the life they pay $200 until pass.....any information would be appreciate...

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    Each state has different requirements when it comes to resitting the exam. If you go to another state you will have to start all over again and meet their requirements which will be $$. Also you will have to declare you have taken the exam previously and in some states after 3 failures you usually have to take some form of remedial course before being allowed to resit
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    thanks for your information....silverdragon102

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